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Headquarters Fire Station in Phoenix, Oregon




The Rogue Valley and surrounding areas have quickly filled up with thick smoke coming from fires burning in Douglas County. At this time, there are no new fires in our local area.

Current air quality information can be found at this web site here -->  DEQ

If you don't need to go outside, stay indoors with windows closed.

Breathing masks can be purchased at Lows and Home Depot.




Prepare yourself now for summer wildland fire safety.

Be ready to evacuate.


Be Ready  Be Set  GO!




Jackson County Fire District 5 responds from three stations with paid and volunteer Firefighters/EMT's within approximately 110 square miles of Southern Oregon.

A professional organization with friendly, "small-town"  customer service,

we're proud that our motto is:



"We Still Make House Calls!"

5811 South Pacific Highway / Phoenix, Oregon 97535 / Telephone: (541) 535-4222 - Fax: (541) 535-4226        

Darin Welburn, Fire Chief