Jackson County Fire District No. 5


JCFD5 provides fire protection, emergency medical services, motor vehicle collision extrication, and rescue services along 26 miles of the Interstate 5 corridor and Pacific Highway 99.

JCFD5 operates out of three fully-staffed fire stations located within the communities of Phoenix, Talent and unincorporated Ashland. 

JCFD5 is annexed within the Jackson County Integrated Fire Plan and the Jackson County Emergency Operations Plan. 

JCFD5 utilizes hazardous fuel reduction projects to strengthen rural economic sustainability and increase opportunities for economic diversification by hiring locally and preventing the loss of vital locally owned businesses.

The 2020 Federally-declared Almeda-Glendower Fire incident’s direct financial impact to JCFD5 totals to over $4.5 million, consisting of $1.5 million in combined damages to two of the District’s three stations, and $3million in lost property tax revenues over the next three years. 


Service Area (Square Miles)


Population Served


2020 Wildfire Response (Acres Impacted)

JCFD5 provides and receives automatic aid within an area spanning over 200 square miles, with a metropolitan population of 208,545. 


Rescue | Extrication | EMS

JCFD5 responds to approximately 1,500 Rescue/Extrication/EMS calls per year. In total, JCFD5 responds to over 3,200 calls for service annually.

Through agreements with neighboring agencies, JCFD5 responds to an additional 190+ calls per year.