jackson county fire district NO. 5

Outdoor Burning Information



​Is Today A Burn Day?

Keeping track of when, where and how District residents are allowed to complete controlled burning activities can be confusing.

Listed below are guidelines to help:

1)    Burn Permit – You must have a current burn permit from Fire District 5. Permits are good for two years and they're free, so stop 
             by any of our stations to get one. You may also print a burn permit and fill it out yourself. Sign it and keep it available when you 

             burn in case you're asked to present it. CITY OF TALENT/CITY OF PHOENIX RESIDENTS: No outdoor burning is allowed at all
             within City limits. Contact your City Hall if you have questions.

2)      No burning is allowed within AQMA from November 1st through February 28th due to Jackson County Air Quality Regulations.

                 Am I inside or outside of the Air Quality maintenance Area (AQMA)? 

3)      During burning season (March 1st until Fire Season is declared, usually sometime in June) the ventilation index must be above                    400 or you cannot burn. Call (541)776-7007 for a recorded message with up-to-date information. Check each day you plan to                    burn.

4)      Make sure you are burning only combustible material (no rubber, plastic, wet garbage, petroleum products, demolition debris or              any materials generated by a commercial enterprise or construction operation.)

5)      Burning is allowed during daylight hours only.

6)      Burning must be conducted under the constant supervision of a person capable of taking corrective action.

The burn permit provides in-depth information regarding burn piles and burn barrels, and must be kept available at the burn site. For up-to-date fire season restrictions, check the Oregon Department of Forestry website at:  http://www.swofire.com/

If you have additional questions or concerns please call us at (541) 535-4222.