Fire District 5 operates from three stations, staffed 24-hours a day with paid Firefighter/EMT's. Headquarters Station No. 1,   located at 5811 South Pacific Highway in Phoenix, Oregon, houses all administrative staff as well as emergency response personnel. Station No. 2, is located at 40 Neil Creek Road in Ashland, just off Highway 66, and Station No. 3, is at 116 W. Second   Street in downtown Phoenix. 

 Station tours are available weekdays between
 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, just drop by and bring the kids!
 For group, weekend, or evening tours, phone ahead and we will be happy to arrange a time.  

​​​​​     Personnel
 Fire District 5 employs twenty-four paid Firefighters / Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's), all of whom work 48-hour shifts.   Twenty-five volunteers and Student Firefighters supplement the staffing day and night at both stations. In addition, there are four administrative personnel: Fire Chief,  Business Managers, and Administrative Assistant.

​      Calls Per Year

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