Jackson County Fire District 5

Fire season officially came to a close on October 13th, 2016 after only 133 days. Fire season was very average this year, compared to the last ten years regarding the amount of fires that were reported in both Jackson and Josephine counties. Southern Oregon was especially lucky not to have the normally significant lightning storms come through; with only six lightning caused fires this year. However, human-caused fires increased by 20% in 2016. 

With the regulations now allowing open and barrel burning up until November 1st (In AQMA areas), please follow the rules listed on your required burn permits (You can pick one up at any of our three stations, or online at JCFD5.com). Make sure to have a safe location to burn and be in attendance and control of the fire at all times.  

As Winter is starting to set in, the days and nights are getting increasingly colder. Before using your wood stove, make sure your chimney and flues have been cleaned and inspected, and keep all combustibles well clear of the stove.  And as the holiday season approaches, be sure to watch that decorations and even the Christmas tree are not too close to areas where radiant heat could start a fire. A couple other safety reminders; it is not recommended to use any flammables to start your fire and never leave children unattended by the wood stove. 

Following these safety tips will help ensure everyone has a safe holiday season.

Best Regards, 

Chief Lockett

Chiefs Corner